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Our biggest issue yet. Twice as big. Twice as special. Cover art by Pareesa Pourian. Limited first run of 100.

In this issue:


Jade Benoit  /  Aria Boutet  /  John Casquarelli

M.K. Cobb  /  Vladimir Druk  /  Will Edmiston

Aaron Gerber  /  Barbara Henning  /  Bill Kushner

Gracie Leavitt  /  Megan Leonard  /  Y. Madrone

R/B Mertz  /  Mario Santiago Papasquiaro

Eva Jane Peck  /  Willie Perdomo  /  Wang Ping

Julien Poirier  /  Kit Robinson  /  Matthew Rohrer

Camilo Roldan  /  Paul Sacksteder  /  Kit Schluter

Mathias Svalina  /  Sarah Anne Wallen  /  Matvei Yankelevich

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Feather pink cardstock cover with gray endpaper and black and Persian blue ink stamp designed by Jo Morris. Hand-stitched. Gorgeous. Limited run of 200.

In this issue:

Heather Christle / George Eklund / Julie Carr

Dan Lewis / Lisa Rogal / Duncan Campbell

 Sarah Schwartz / Mary Wilson / Jess Feldmam / Nate Pritts

Lewis Warsh / John Gallaher /George Kalamaras

Sarah Ann Walen / Ed Manzi / Howie Good


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ISSUE TWO (2011)

Limited count of 200. 52 pages. Hand-stitched & handsome block-printed cover designed by Pareesa Pourian & printed by Eleanor Templeton.


Mike Young / Uche Nduka / M.R.B. Chelko / M.A. Vizsolyi

 Jamey Jones / Daniel Owen / Jack Christian / Jan Hammerquist

 Stephanie Gray / Tony Iantosca / Melanie Brazzell

 Marc Paltrineri / Naomi Schub / Calista Tarnauskas

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Preview in a snazzy e-book format

ISSUE ONE (2010)

 Staple-bound. 36 pages. $5.

Stephanie Gray / Jan Hammerquist

 Tony Iantosca / Uche Nduka / Sierra Nelson

 Daniel Owen / Marc Paltrineri

 Giorgios Qure La-Croix Retsinas / Calista Tarnauskas

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